Btarts™ on the Rachel Ray show!

Asher and our Michelin-starred pastry chef Rebecca (Becky) Isbell were on the award-winning Rachael Ray show on May 9 to promote Btarts™.

If you missed the show watch the clip above to see Rachael taste her first-ever butter tart along with guest chef Emeril!

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Photo: Tray of fresh butter tarts.



Every Canadian grows up eating butter tarts.

Living in the US, we missed butter tarts and often found ourselves baking batches (sometimes in the middle of the night) often to satisfy our sweet cravings. We started sharing them with our American friends. They couldn’t get enough of these sweet Canadian treats. The idea for Btarts was born.

We went to work (someone had to do it) tasting thousands of butter tarts and testing hundreds of recipes. We adapted great-grandmother’s recipe to create the ultimate butter tart. The Btart is, quite simply, the best of the best.

And now we are sharing Canada’s iconic dessert with America. 

Photo: Close up of a butter tart

What are Btarts?

Btarts™  butter tarts are an irresistible sweet treat that are both gooey and flaky at the same time. When you bite into the buttery sweetness of one, it might just become your new favorite dessert. But we won’t tell apple pie about your newfound love. There’s room for both in your life.

They're made by hand in small batches by real people. Pretty sweet, eh?

Conceived in Canada. Reborn in the USA. Launching in NYC.




Try one and you’ll discover that we’re in this sweet journey together. Btarts continues our country’s long tradition of bringing the best of Canada to our American friends. Think: the two Ryans? Drake? IMAX? The paint roller? Basketball? Peanut butter? It’s true, just look it up.


Our Ingredients

Btarts … All natural. All good. All delicious.

Organic butter and eggs and pure Canadian maple syrup blended with flour, sugar, vanilla and sea salt. No additives, no preservatives, nothing your mom wouldn’t bake with.

Sorry, you can’t have our recipe either. It’s not anywhere on the Internet either. We checked.

 Photo: Hand-made butter tarts with a Canadian flag.
 Photo: Hand-made butter tarts with pastry maple leaf.


How to eat them

Btarts butter tarts are ideally enjoyed using true Canadian etiquette . . .  that is with the gooey filling running down your chin, in one very large bite.

Don’t eat just one. They’re much better by the half dozen, for dessert, for a snack, with coffee, with milk, for breakfast – basically anytime. 

Tip: Btarts are also perfect to eat when watching TV, but please use a napkin.  Nobody likes a sticky remote.

Where do i find Btarts?

Saturdays at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg

East River State Park 90 Kent Ave. (at N. 7 St.) Brooklyn

10am to 5pm - Rain or Shine (avoid the lineups if it's raining)


Sundays at Smorgasburg in Prospect Park - 11am to 6pm

Prospect Park – Breeze Hill East Drive at Lincoln Rd. Brooklyn

10am to 5pm - Rain or Shine


Also available to order online, now shipping nationwide.


Sweet History

 Photo: Step 1 of our Butter Tart recipe.
 Photo: Step 2 of our Butter Tart recipe.
 Photo: Step 2 of our Butter Tart recipe.

In a land not so far away,

north of the 49th parallel, every bakery worth its butter, every cookbook, everyone’s grandmother knows the secret to heaven on earth. At least when it comes to sweet things. It’s called a butter tart: a magical alchemy of butter, eggs, sweetness and pastry.

According to Canada’s culinary archives, the first known recipe for butter tarts was called “Filling for Tarts” and was published in 1900 in a fundraising cookbook produced by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Royal Victoria Hospital in the rural Ontario town of Barrie. Thank you Mrs. Malcolm MacLeod – a star was born!

Home cooks across the country shamelessly copied that first recipe.  Yet, to this day, every butter tart-baking Canadian will tell you their recipe is unique. Oh and every butter tart-eating Canadian (which is basically all 35 million of us) will say their grandma's/mom’s version is the best.


Butter Tart Culture

Culture you say? That’s our way of saying that Canadians are crazy about these sweet tarts. It's all very real. Butter tart tourism, festivals, contests. Deep fried, ice cream and sausages. It's all part of the love. Butter tart lip balm anyone? (It won't last long).

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Let's 'b' Talking

 Photo: Asher Weiss

I’m butter tart fanatic and ambassador Asher Weiss and I’ve tasted my way across the butter tart landscape to bring the best of the best to you. I would love to talk to you about my passion for the sweet life, just email me or fill out the form below!

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